HDM - Hochschuldidaktisches Netzwerk Mittelhessen
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E-Learning Basics


This workshop serves as an introduction into teaching with the learning management system ILIAS.
To fully comprehend the scope of possibilities this platform has to offer, you will at first reflect your own teaching in terms of learning objectives and activities.

Having identified the main learning goals of your courses, you will then gather a basic understanding of the purposes of widely used digital tools and their didactic potential in accordance with the various phases of teaching and learning.
Ideally, every participant will have the chance to test and try out as many tools as possible and reflect on their didactic and methodical usage.
We will further dive into the possibilities of supporting collaborative work and aesthetic course design using the learning management system.

In a virtual follow-up session, we will then examine the results of your group work and explore the didactic advantages of the tools in question.
Together we will find ways to implement your ideas into your future teaching.
In order to use this time as effectively as possible, please reserve some time in the self-learning phase in between our meetings.

workshop contents
The focal points of the content are:

  • steps to creating a digital learning scenario
  • identify learning activites and objectives of your own course
  • explore digital tools and start creating your own digital learning environment





Intendierte Lernergebnisse:

intended learning outcomes
After attending the workshop you will be able to,
  • gain a basic understanding of didactic design and the impact of digital technologies on teaching.
  • reflect learning activities of your own courses and methods for teaching accordingly.
  • name and reflect learning objectives of your own teaching and identify appropriate digital tools to achieve these learning objectives.


The work units are composed as follows: 10 AE of guided self-study,
as well as 10 AE for workshop (2 fixed dates, one final meeting to be agreed).


Sophia Hercher, Referentin für digitale Lehrentwicklung an der Philipps-Universität Marburg






Fr. 11/03/2022: Start of the self-learning phase
Fr. 18/03/2022: 14.00 bis 18.00
Sa. 19/03/2022 - Do. 24/03/2022 self-learning phase
Fr. 25/03/2022: 14.00 bis 18.00
final meeting - the date will be coordinated with the course.


Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen,
face-to-face or online format to be announced


15 €